Sapphire Lake

Flat Rides


Roller Coasters


Park value



2,054,360 square feet


March 1st, Year 1


December 25th, 2011

Sapphire Lake is an amuesment park created by Jabberjay78. The park contains 15 roller coasters and 21 flat rides and has a high park rating. The park is very large; attracts an average of 2,500 guests; and employs 40 handymen, 25 mechanics, and 10 security guards. There are 7 themed areas within the park.


Roller CoastersEdit

Name Type Opening Date Status
Anaconda Wooden Year 1 Open
Apocalypse Vertical Year 6 Open
Astro Flying Year 2 Open
Black Ice Inverted Year 4 Open
Blizzard Spiral Year 2 Open
Bronze Eagle Stand-Up Year 9 Open
Dark Tempest Wooden Racing Year 5 Open
Estrella Giga Coaster Year 6 Open
Forest Flyer Suspended Year 1 Open
Paradise Plunge Reverse Freefall Year 4 Open
Shogun Suspended Swinging Year 1 Open
Silly Spinner Spinning Wild Mouse Year 7 Open
Silver Bullet LIM Launched Year 5 Open
Space Shuttle Inverted Vertical Shuttle Year 3 Open
Turbulant Twister Inverted Impulse Year 6 Open

Flat RidesEdit

Name Model Themed Area Opening Date
Alienator Magic Carpet Martian Madness
Arctic Flume Log Flume Winter Wonderland
Bludgeon Mace Ride Adventure Forest
Carousel Double Deck Carousel World Tour
City Slicker Dodgems World Tour
Firebreath Chinese Dragonhead Ride Chinatown
Firecracker Fire Cracker Ride (Enterprise) Chinatown
Fun House Fun House Rainbow World
Martian Swing Swinging Inverter Ship Martian Madness
Mission Impossible Elevator Martian Madness
Origami Voyage Chinese Junk Swing Ride Chinatown
Paradise Spinner Top Spin Beautiful Beach
Rainbow Buggies Go Karts Rainbow World
Saturn's Rings Space Rings Martian Madness
Scrambled Eggs Faberge Egg Ride Chinatown
Sky Sailer Observation Tower Chinatown
Snake River Falls Oak Barrel Ride Adventure Forest
Space Shot Roto-Drop Martian Madness
Tsunami Splash Boats Adventure Forest
Viking Voyage Pirate Ship Beautiful Beach
Wacky Wheel Ferris Wheel Rainbow World
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