Please, follow the rules. This site might be read by young users or by people who have social morals. Please, do not break the rules! Also, this wiki is always being moderated.

1. Do not copy any articles or text form another source without permission. You can use Wikipedia but use the Wikipedia template (Like this: {{Template:Wikipedia}}). Also, remember to give credit to what ever source you are using.

2. No spamming. Even though this is a custom wiki does not mean you can put whatever you like on it.

3. absolutely no, Immoral themes, language, harassment, or vandalism. If you do any of these things you will first be blocked for a month or more.

4. On Talk Pages, absalutely no Swear words, or 'cover up' words. This rule includes in pages.

5.. Enjoy and let the wiki grow.

Questions, ask Kata89