Lord Da Ka


Bullit Park


417 feet


125 mph


Strata Coaster


2096 feet


44 Seconds



Lord Da Ka, is the tallest Roller Coaster in Bullit Park. It is also the most intense. It starts off by launching you 121 miles an hour in less than 2 seconds! Then, you make yur way up a 417 foot hill, just to go down it, then, going up a hill and back down it again! Lord Da Ka is the second best coaster in Bullit Park, besides Death Mountain!


Lord Da Ka was opened in 2009. In 2011, the tower became dreadfully bumpy and rough. So it was closed for some weeks to fix it up. When it re-opened in July, it was fine for a couple days, but became bumpy once more. So they re-did what they just did. But, there has been no more reports of bumpiness. Lord Da Ka has since then brought the thrills it once had back to life!

Photo GalleryEdit

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