Iron Talon
[[Iron TalonIron Talon logo|300px]]


Thrillville Test Area 1


Sandusky, Ohio, United States


Bolliger & Mabillard (construction), Thrillville Entertainment Industries (design)




203.14 feet


203.14 feet

Top speed

76.71 mph


2000+ feet



Number of Inversions


Steepest drop

75 degrees

Maximum G-Force


Iron Talon is an inverted roller coaster designed by Thrillville Entertainment Industries and built by B&M. It was built in late 2011, and currently resides at the same unnamed park as Mauch Chunk Railway. As of its being completed, it holds five records outright: world's most thrilling roller coaster, with a thrill rating of 8.86;most airtime on a roller coaster, with 35 seconds of airtime; world's tallest inverted coaster, with a main drop height of 203.14 feet; world's fastest inverted coaster, with a top speed of 76.71 miles per hour; and most inversions on an inverted coaster, at five. It is also tied with Whirlpool for most inversions on any type of coaster, again with five.

A ride aboard Iron TalonEdit

After the train leaves the station, it is caught by a small chain, which pulls it around a left-handed U-turn. After the turn, another lift chain pulls it up to an S-bend in the track. After that, yet another lift chain helps it through the bends. Having successfully navigated this, another lift chain pulls it up to a right-hand turn, after which is the main drop: a long, twisting ride which goes through the base of the mountain. After coming out of the other side of the mountain, riders then go through an uphill left-hand turn which leads to a large loop - the ride's first inversion. After the loop, the train drops back into the mountain, where it then goes through one and a half uphill, right-handed helix turns. After this, the train ascends again to an airtime crest, on the down-side of which is a right-hand turn followed by a small drop which then leads to a lift hill. At the top of the hill is a tight left-hand turn. This is followed by a steep drop into a left-hand over-banked turn, and then a loose, banked right-hander. The train then races uphill to a tight-banked right turn, and then catches a lift chain which pulls it to another steep drop, this time into a cobra roll (a half-loop followed by two corkscrews in opposite directions and then another half-loop), and from there into a right-hand over-banked turn. After the over-banked turn is a small airtime hill, and then a steep, upwards right turn into another airtime crest. Next, the train goes through a banked left turn into a twist, crossing over its own track in the process, and then navigates another banked left-hander. After a brief downhill portion, the coaster crosses under its own track, then climbs onto its final lift hill, after which is a tight right turn which leads into another steep drop. Then, having gone through a loop, it takes a banked left turn to the first set of block brakes, and then goes through a small right-hand turn through the second set. After this, it takes the final right-hand turn to return to station."