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March 1st, 2006


November 10th, 2011

Hidden Fortress is an amuesment park created by Jabberjay78. The park contains only 6 roller coasters and 14 flat rides but has a high park rating. Unfortunately, the park has problems attracting guests and only contains an average of 1,100 guests.


Roller CoastersEdit

Name Type Opening Date Status
Afterburner Hershey's Storm Runner 2010 Open
Boomerang Inverted Impulse 2006 Open
Cheesy Dreams Wild Mouse 2006 Open
Fireball Suspended 2007 Open
Venom Hyper 2008 Open
Unkown Unknown Unknown Under Construction

Flat RidesEdit

Name Type Opening Date Status
Arabian Naughts Flying Carpet 2006 Open
Falcon Flyers Phoenix Twister 2007 Open
Hot Shot Launched Freefall 2006 Open
Red Baron Barnstormer 2006 Open
Sk8er Disko 2006 Open
Sky Wheel Sky Wheel 2006 Open
Soarin' Aileron 2006 Open
Sushi Octopus 2010 Open
Thunderstorm Thunder Bobs 2011 Open
Titanic Pirate Ship 2006 Open
Tree Topper Sky Sling 2007 Open
Wave Swinger Chairswing 2007 Open
Wipeout! Rip Tide 2006 Open
Xtreme Discus 2007 Open

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