More than 100 years ago


Cardinal Parks

General Manager

Quinn Fewlen

Operating season

March to December




Woodbridge, Virginia, USA


"Your Best Park for EPIC Rides"

EpicPark is a seasonally operated amusement park in Woodbridge, Virginia. Its operating season is surprisingly March to December. The christmas event is named "EpicChristmas at EpicPark".

Roller coastersEdit

The Racer - the park's main attraction, opened with the park.

Pinkie Pie's Wild Spin - A roller coaster, opened with the park however was simply named Wild Spin, renamed Pinkie Pie's Wild Spin in 1998 to coincide with Friendship Landing's opening.

Rainbow Dash Express - Opened with Friendship Landing in 1998.

Virginia Screamin' - a pun on California Screamin', a Maurer Sohne launched coaster with 2 inversions. The layout is similar to the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure.

Inversion Lane - Crazy coaster with 6 inversions.

Spongebob's Boatmobiles - Kiddie water coaster.

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