Black Ice
Black Ice


Sapphire Lake


Steel-Inverted Coaster


110 feet

Max Speed






Black Ice is a Steel Inverted Roller Coaster. It is located in the "Winter Wonderland" area of Sapphire Lake. It is one of Sapphire Lake's Fearsome Five.


Black Ice was constructed in Sapphire Lake's 4th year. It is one of the park's least popular coasters due to its high nausea and intensity ratings, but it is still popular. The only problem the coaster has run into since its opening was when Astro and Estrella crashed and most of the park's coasters were closed, including Black Ice. Its station was seperated into an entrance station and an exit station to prevent the chances of a crash in the future.

Park StandingsEdit

As of September, Year 9, Black Ice is the 15th most popular (2nd least) coaster at Sapphire Falls. However, it has the 5th highest amount (only counting coasters) of guests that consider it their favorite ride, with 79.


Tallest Height: 110 feet

Tallest Drop: 108 feet

Number of Drops: 9

Duration: 1:48

Total Air Time: 3.21 seconds

Inversions: 4

Max Speed: 62mph

Total length: 4140 ft.

Excitement Rating: 7.86

Intensity Rating: 9.31

Nausea Rating: 8.12

Photo GalleryEdit

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