Away From the Sun
Away From the Sun


Meteor Falls


Steel-Gliding Coaster



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Away From the Sun is a Steel Gliding Roller Coaster. It is located in Meteor Falls.


Away From the Sun opened in 2009 at Meteor Falls. The coaster is located at the back right of the park next to Hydra. It is the only coaster at the park that was not named after a constellation. The coaster features gliding cars in which riders lay face down. The ride starts out as the spiral lift hill takes the cars up 209 feet and drops it down 150 feet. The car enters a sun-themed location featuring many lava elements. It is here that the car goes through a half loop/corkscrew element. The car then travels to the other side of the lift hill and 'away from the sun.' The rest of the ride features many banked turns, one heartline roll, and stars dotting the track. Finally, the car stops above a fountain filled lake on the brake run before entering the station. The track is lit up in red, orange, and yellow lights.


Tallest Height: 209ft

Tallest Drop: 150ft

Number of Drops: 12

Duration: 1:52

Total Air Time: 0:37

Inversions: 3

Max Speed: 70mph

Total length: 4548

Excitement Rating: 7.14

Intensity Rating: 5.24

Nausea Rating: 7.31

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