American Gardens is a theme park in Orlando, Florida. It is owned and operated by Cedar Fair.

List of coastersEdit

Name Opened Park section Rating
Grizzly 2000 Mandle Grove 3
Grizzly Jr. 2011 Mandle Grove 2
Flying Ace Aerial Chase 2000 Planet Snoopy 2
Woodstock's Express 2011 Planet Snoopy 1
Volcano: Lost World 2000 Eruption Boulevard 5
Ghoster Coaster 2000 Corkscrew Drive 3
Goliath 2000

Corkscrew Drive

Great American Scream Machine 2012 Corkscrew Drive 5
Touchwood 2000 Corkscrew Drive 3
Hurler 2000 Corkscrew Drive 5

Former coastersEdit

Name Opened-Closed
Verge of Flight 2000-2011

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