Ace inc. was originally a company that built parks, but currently designs coasters as a manufactuer. So far, the only park that has used Ace as a manufactuer is Bullit Park



Ace was the first ever Ace park and has a current rating of 999.

Roller CoastersEdit

It has over 25 coasters. Including,


Ace X-PEdit

Ace X-P was the newer Ace park. X-P in this case stands for eXperienced-Park. It contains over 30 coasters including,

Reach X-P

Ace MaxedEdit

Ace maxed is the newest Ace park and opened September 16, 2011. Currently it contains over 9 coasters, including,

Roller CoastersEdit

Reach Maxed


Air Time

Alpha Run

Double Back

High Sky

Rocket Strike

Soar Streamer


  • Air TimeGo to Air Time
  • Alpha RunGo to Alpha Run
  • Double BackGo to Double Back
  • High SkyGo to High Sky
  • Rocket StrikeGo to Rocket Strike
  • Soar StreamerGo to Soar Streamer
  • SwipeGo to Swipe
  • SyphonGo to Syphon
  • Reach MaxedGo to Reach Maxed

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